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Get to know About Us

Who Are We?

We are one of the top Malaysian companies that produces high quality beauty and skincare products suitable for both men and women.

Made with natural and some organic products, our products undergoes strict quality control before being delivered to all our esteemed Agents and Clients.

We also offer an opportunity for our clients who loves our products to earn a very respectable income as our Agents.

We are very proud to be one of the few beauty and skin care products company to be able to provide weekly training on Products Knowledge, Conventional Marketing and Digital Marketing, Leadership Development and Personal Mentorship for all our Agents to move forward in life.


What We Do?

Set Jerawat

For Total Control Over Acne & Pimples like never before. 


Lipmatte & Volumizing Mascara.


Our job is to transform you into the best version that you want to be & deserve to be. We do this by having a chat with you & advising what causes free radicals in your body that affects your skin, your body etc. We will then share what products from Serene Beaute that is suitable for you for this special transformation so that you can look good & feel great.


Slimming Soap & Body Scrubs to get rid of stretch marks, dark pigmentation etc.

Set Whitening

See Amazing Results In Just A Few Days.


our Services

Beauty Consultancy
We are certified Wellness Advisors as well as certified Beauticians & provide FREE personal beauty & skincare consultancy to all our customers
Anti Aging & Whitening
Like Picasso & Leonardo da Vinci, allow us to paint a new YOU, with repaired & whitened skin against damage caused by years & years of exposure to the Sun, oily food & pollution
Serene Beaute also offers an opportunity for anyone to have a side hustle to earn a few Thousand Ringgit with just one or two hours a day spent online. Join our weekly trainings now
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